Literary Junk

The Parking Lot Letters

Behind the writing of every great book there is a great story. Today I share a few entries from a book I wrote in the mid-late 80’s entitled “The Parking Lot Letters (One Man’s Pursuit of Quality Parking)”.

The book has been published by various copy machines I have known over the years. The idea for the book began when the parking lot management company I used when employed by Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhardt Advertising in Dallas (Las Colinas, actually, a business person’s Disney World) raised their monthly rates. Everyone at the agency bitched and moaned about this action. I decided to take a different tact.

I became a champion of all things related to parking…

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Literary Junk

Bang The Bongos Slowly

 ? Come gather ’round cats and kittens while I laddle a little beat poetry into your soul waffle iron. Here’s seven slabs from my book of beatnik poems entitled?Burma Signs Express: Observational Poetic Hogwash bled from Skids Turmoil. Don’t look for it on Amazon or in Barnes & Noble, it’s published by copy machines I’ve …

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