BFFs Starting Their Own Journalism Club

A couple of kooky kids are making big plans!

Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman and First Son-In-Law Jared Kushner are known to be best friends.

“Jared calls MBS a couple times a day,” an anonymous White House insider told The Lint Screen. “They even talk at bedtime. I think it drives Ivanka nuts. Sometimes, I’ll be down the hall from their bedroom and hear Jared on the phone saying, ‘No, MBS, my broski bro, you hang up first! I’m not hanging up first?—?you do it!’ It’s kind of cute, really.”

The source disclosed the two devil-may-care pals are forming their very own journalism club called THE HONEST TRUTH TELLERS!

“Both men have a great respect for the freedom of the press,” the secretive blowhard bleated. “They think the president and the Saudi government have not been given a fair shake by the liberal mainstream media so they want to join the journalism conversation and set the record straight.”

The media brouhaha concerns the bad press MBS and the Trump administration have received since the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who ended up on the business end of a bone saw.

“The bestie boys, MBS and JK, think the whole Khashoggi thing was just a big misunderstanding. They think it’s time we all moved on since the past is the past and there’s nothing to be done. They’ll soon be publishing their report telling the world there’s nothing to see here so let’s move on. Also, no collusion, end the witch hunt!

The deep throat said THE HONEST TRUTH TELLERS are building their very own clubhouse, a $48 million treehouse.

“It should be pretty luxurious. Jared says the treehouse will be a branch office of Mar-a-Lago, get it?—?branch office treehouse! Then Jared giggles uncontrollably and MBS chortles like a mule coughing up a Smith Brothers Cough Drop. These guys are real zany madcaps, I tells ya!”