Patriot Demands 322.2 Million Be Deported

 Into the hub-bub surrounding the immigration brouhaha enters Edward Fletcher, a 67-year-old Boston native and direct descendant of Moses Fletcher, a passenger on the Mayflower bringing pilgrims to America in 1620. Mr. Fletcher has “had his fill of the silly jabberwocky” about immigration reform. “As far as I’m concerned,” the tall Yankee told The Lint …

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Best Buy Selling Weapons for Black Friday Shoppers

 Best Buy just announced its big Black Friday Savingspalooza will begin at 5:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day, and to make the event more festive, the retailer will be selling guns and knives in store parking lots. “We are going to have some incredible deals,” said Justin Sindycox, Director of Pleasant Customer Experiences told The Lint …

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